ZTC: Departure of employees won’t affect dynamic of fire aircraft overhaul

NEWS 11.08.2022 19:50
Source: Zeljko Hladika/PIXSELL

The ZTC centre for aircraft repair and maintenance confirmed on Thursday, after two employees requested termination of employment by mutual agreement on Wednesday, that another employee had done so last week, noting that this would not affect the dynamic of work on overhauling fire planes.

A ZTC tinsmith, whose work was not related to aircraft maintenance, last week requested termination of employment by mutual agreement after finding a better-paying job.

That case is not related to two aircraft mechanics who had gone on sick leave in order to go and work abroad and who requested termination of employment on Wednesday, said the management of the state-owned company that overhauls firefighting planes.

The company said the latest developments would not affect the dynamic of fire aircraft overhaul or the set deadlines.

ZTC management board head Zdravko Klanac said earlier this month that working abroad while on sick leave was the reason for termination without notice.

One of the two employees to whom this statement referred, responded on Wednesday saying that the current shortage of operational firefighting planes was due to the incompetence of the ZTC management and that ZTC employees have alternative opportunities because they have good references and are in demand.

The average salary of a mechanic at ZTC is around HRK 5,800 while beginners have a monthly salary of around HRK 4,000.

Croatia currently has six available firefighting planes.

In early August, deadlines for aircraft repair were moved to 15 August.

ZTC management board head Klanac told a news conference on Thursday that he had refused to give the two employees time off after they returned to work from a long period of sick leave. They then requested termination of their employment by mutual agreement.

Klanac said the ZTC had requested that their status with the Croatian Health Insurance Institute (HZZO) be checked because they were working abroad while on sick leave.

He said that once the necessary documentation was collected, the ZTC would file a criminal report against them.

Klanac said that their departure would not jeopardise work on aircraft maintenance because the ZTC had a stable team of certified mechanics.

Asked if he had lied to Defence Minister Mario Banozic about the readiness of fire aircraft for the fire season, Klanac said that they had not given anyone false promises and had objectively reported the situation.


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