Zagreb City Assembly gets new chairman

NEWS 17.06.2021 12:22
joško klisović
Source: N1

The new Zagreb City Assembly Chairman Josko Klisovic (SDP) said on Thursday that he expected this assembly to implement the things outlined in the programme, especially in the coalition agreement between his SDP party and the We Can party-led green-left bloc.

Klisovic agreed with reporters’ statement that there were a lot of problems and work ahead of Mayor Tomislav Tomasevic and city councilors, especially with regard to finances, and that it was also a great responsibility when important decisions would have to be made.

“That is our job. To make, when necessary, even difficult decisions to consolidate the city’s finances and to bring the city into a better shape than it is now and to provide citizens with a quality life,” said Klisovic, stressing there will be many difficult decisions.

Asked to comment on the problems due to Zagreb Holding appointments and asked whether SDP’s coalition partner had betrayed its promises to the citizens when it appointed members to the Zagreb Holding management board without a public call, Klisovic said these weren’t problems.

There are two laws, and certain provisions that regulate the same matter – the appointment of the president and members of the management board in companies, here in Zagreb Holding – are in collision, he said, adding that he doesn’t think the mayor was legally wrong.

“We will see how the procedure before the Conflict of Interest Commission will go,” he said, stressing that it would be very advisable for the government to send a bill of amendments to the parliament to harmonise the two laws.

Klisovic doesn’t think Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomasevic should have waited for the founding session of the City Assembly before appointments in Zagreb Holding.

“The Act on Local and Regional Self-Government gives such authority to the mayor,” Klisovic pointed out.


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