War Veterans’ Minister: Croatia not encouraging anyone to go to war in Ukraine

NEWS 04.03.2022 18:46
Source: ARIS MESSINIS / AFP / Ilustracija

War Veterans Minister Tomo Medved said on Friday that Croatia did, not nor would it, encourage anyone to go to fight in Ukraine and that it did not organise any departures.

Speaking to the press in the eastern city of Osijek, he called on everyone “thinking about possibly going to Ukraine to understand the danger.”

“Let’s be aware that it is extremely dangerous there and before making a decision, they should really understand the danger in that,” Medved said.

He urged everyone not to go to Ukraine, saying the aid Croatia has been providing is the best way to show its loyalty and assistance to the Ukrainian people under Russian aggression.

Asked if Russia’s summoning of the Croatian military envoy was an attempt to intimidate Croatia, Medved said he would not call it intimidation because that was not possible.

“Croatia has stated very clearly its stand on the Russian aggression on Ukraine,” he said, adding that Croatia fully supported the people of Ukraine by voting for EU decisions on sanctions against Russia and the reception of refugees and displaced persons from Ukraine.

Medved said it was clear why Russia summoned the Croatian military envoy in connection with some Croatian citizens going to Ukraine to join its defenders, but added that Croatia did not nor would encourage anyone to go to war there and that it did not organise any departures.


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