Vucic: Serbia will not impose sanctions on Russia or recognize Kosovo

Aleksandar Vučić
Source: REUTERS/Johanna Geron

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said Wednesday that Serbia will not align with the European Union (EU) on sanctions against Russia and that it will not accept a request for mutual recognition of Serbia and Kosovo, Fonet reported.

The European Parliament adopted Wednesday a resolution on Serbia recommending that new negotiating chapters with Serbia be opened once it aligns its foreign policy with the EU and expressing regret that Belgrade did not align with the EU sanctions policy on Russia.

For the first time, the resolution mentions mutual recognition of Serbia and Kosovo and calls on the two sides to reach an agreement on normalization “based on mutual recognition”.

When asked how Serbia will respond to these requests, Vucic said: “Nicely, decently and politely – we won’t, or even more politely – we won’t consider it.”


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