US Ambassador: Denying Bosnians the right to vote unconstitutional, anti-Dayton

NEWS 23.05.2022 21:38
Source: N1

US Ambassador to BiH Michael Murphy said Monday that disabling the October 2 general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina would be unconstitutional and anti-Dayton.

“Elections are the foundation of democracy. Elections are something provided for in Article 2 of the BiH Constitution. It would be unconstitutional and anti-Dayton action for someone to deny the people of this country their right to vote,” Murphy said after a meeting with members of the BiH Central Election Commission (CEC).

He added that the United States is committed to a democratic and prosperous future for all constituent peoples and citizens of BiH, within Euro-Atlantic institutions.

“That is why we are working with the OSCE and the CEC to strengthen the election process in BiH and defend it from those who seek to corrupt it for personal or party gain,” the US ambassador to BiH said.

According to him, voters must have confidence in the integrity of the election process and confidence that the outcome of the election reflects the ballots.


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