Ukraine’s Reznikov: We certainly did not launch any drone towards Croatia

NEWS 17.03.2022 12:59

"Ukraine is investigating the incident with the unmanned aerial vehicle that crashed in Zagreb last week, and it certainly did not launch it towards Croatia, Ukraine's Defense Minister, Oleksii Reznikov, said on Thursday in a video meeting with MEPs.

“I am in daily contact with my Croatian colleague, we are talking about that. We are investigating the incident and I assure you we are not the ones who launched that drone towards Croatia. Croatia is our friend and we would never do that,” Reznikov said.

Reznikov appeared via video link to take part in a meeting of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, the Security and Defence Subcommittee, and the EU-Ukraine parliamentary delegation.

Responding to a question from a Croatian MEP, Tonino Picula, Reznikov said the drone incident raised questions about Nato’s security system. “The drone flew over several (Nato) member states. How come you didn’t see it? Why didn’t you destroy it? Can you cover your own airspace?” Reznikov asked rhetorically.


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