Two wartime Croatian soldiers convicted for 1992 crimes at Lora military prison

NEWS 06.04.2022 13:36
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Source: Pixabay / Ilustracija

Split County Court on Wednesday sentenced Tomislav Duic and Emilio Bungur, two wartime members of the Croatian military, for committing war crimes against mostly ethnic Serb civilians at the Lora military prison in Split. 

Duic, who was the head of the Lora military prison, was handed eight years and six month in prison, and Bungur, who was a prison guard there, received four years and 10 months in prison. Both pleaded not guilty to the counts of crimes committed against civilians held at the Lora military prison in 1992.

The whole case turned into an endless saga, with the first trial, dubbed by local media Lora 1, ended in Duic getting eight years and Bungur six years in prison. They were also on trial in a separate case, dubbed Lora 2, which involved torture of Serbian and Montenegrin POWs at the prison.

The Lora 1 was then re-tried, and even later the trials for both cases were merged. However, in 2017, the trials were again separated.

Duic and Bungur were now standing in another re-trial after they had been on the run for some time. At least six other members of Croatian military police were tried and convicted for wartime crimes at Lora in Split in 1992, and the Croatian government had paid out more than 2 million kuna (€264,000) in damages to victims and their families.


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