Truck driver responsible for accident in which 4 migrants died

NEWS 22.03.2021 20:44
Source: Ivica Galovic/PIXSELL

A Serbian national who was driving a truck that overturned on a motorway near the Croatian town of Okucani, is being held responsible for that accident in which four people lost their lives and ten more sustained serious injuries, a Croatian police spokeswoman said on Monday afternoon.

The accident happened at about 3 a.m. Monday on the A3 motorway, the Slavonski Brod police spokeswoman Kata Nujic told a news conference in that city after the completion of an on-scene investigation.

An investigation is underway to determine how as many as 24 foreign nationals got into the trailer of the truck. According to the information in the truck’s papers, the vehicle was transporting hay.

Eleven injured people were admitted to hospital in the city of Nova Gradiska and they had no identity papers to prove who they are.

However, hospital director Josip Kolodziej told state agency Hina that the patients identified themselves as Syrians.

Some of the injured foreigners were transported to hospitals in Slavonski Brod and Pakrac.


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