Survey: Online labor demand jumps 72 percent year-on-year

NEWS 02.03.2022 16:18
Source: Pixabay

The Online Vacancy Index (OVI) for February shows continued positive trends on the Croatian labor market as labor demand increased by 72 percent from February 2021, the Zagreb Institute of Economics (EIZ) said on Wednesday.

“Positive trends on the labor market, which have been recorded since mid-2021, continue. According to OVI index for February 2022, labor demand is 72 percent higher than in February 2021 and 41 and 35 percent higher than in February 2020 and 2019 respectively,” the EIZ said on its website.

Jobs which were most in demand in February this year were salespersons, cooks, waiters, warehouse workers and bookkeepers.

The EIZ said that 43 per cent of job advertisements offered permanent employment, while 44 per cent offered fixed-term employment. Some 1.9 per cent mentioned the possibility of working from home, while 3 per cent of advertisements targeted pensioners, reflecting the trend of higher demand for pensioners in the past months.

The OVI is a monthly index of online job advertisements developed by the EIZ in cooperation with the MojPosao job search website to provide timely information on current labor demand.


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