Support for EU membership in Serbia drops below 50 percent

NEWS 09.05.2022 18:32
Source: Shutterstock

Less than half of Serbians support the country’s membership in the European Union, according to a poll released by the Institute for European Affairs.

The Institute said that its latest poll showed that 45 percent of Serbians want the country to join the EU compared to a 2016 poll when 55 percent said they favored membership. It said that support for EU membership is “the lowest it has ever been” but that the evaluation of Serbia-EU relations is higher than in previous polls.

It said that 60 percent of the polled said that Serbia benefits from cooperation with the EU while 27 percent said it does not. Hungary and Greece are viewed as the most friendly of the EU member states while Croatia, Great Britain, and Germany were listed among the “greatest enemies of Serbia” in the EU.

This was the Institute’s seventh annual poll in cooperation with the Ninamedia. It was conducted in the first half of March among 1,228 people. The average grade for Serbia-EU relations was 2.85 of a possible 5.0 with 8.2 percent of the polled giving those relations a negative grade.

The Institute said that the 45 percent who support EU membership are highly educated and live in urban environments. A total of 43 percent said they don’t want Serbia to join the EU and 12.3 percent were undecided.

The poll also showed that 43 percent of the public feel that they are not getting enough information about the EU while 39 percent said that they think they do. Asked how they would vote in a referendum on EU membership, 41 percent said they would vote yes, 39 percent said they would vote no and 13 percent said they don’t know.


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