State Election Commission: We Can!, Centre, SDP and HDZ lead in mayoral races

NEWS 16.05.2021 22:10
Source: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL

Tomislav Tomasevic of the We Can!, New Left, ORAH, and For the City coalition took an early lead in the mayoral race in Zagreb on Sunday, winning 41.69% of votes after 4.95% of ballots counted, according to initial results released by the State Election Commission at 9 pm.

Tomasevic is followed by Jelena Pavicic-Vukicevic of the Work and Solidarity Party, who received 15.70% of votes. The Homeland Movement’s Miroslav Skoro was third (11.34%) and the Croatian Democratic Union’s (HDZ) Davor Filipovic fourth (10.07%).

In the southern city of Split, Ivica Puljak (Centre) and Vice Mihanovic (HDZ) will face off in the 30 May runoff. Puljak won 28.7% and Mihanović 20.55%, ahead of Zeljko Kerum of the Croatian Civic Party (HGS) who received 14.05% of votes.

In the northern coastal city of Rijeka, the current deputy mayor Marko Filipovic (SDP, HSU, IDS, HSS) leads with 29.58% of votes, followed by independent Davor Stimac (16.92%) and the HDZ’s Josip Ostrogovic (13.47%).

In the eastern city of Osijek, Ivan Radic (HDZ) leads with 41.33%, ahead of independent Berislav Mlinarevic, backed by the Homeland Movement and Bridge (18.62%), and the SDP’s Goran Kusec (16.97%).

City councils

In elections for the Zagreb City Assembly, the We Can! platform won 36.17%, followed by the Work and Solidarity Party (16.12%), the HDZ-led coalition (11.90%), the Homeland Movement (9.38%), the SDP (7.52%) and the independent list of Vesna Skare-Ozbolt (5.56%).

In Split, the Centre party won 21.18% in elections for the City Council, followed by the HDZ (20.52%), the HGS (11.51%), We Can! (11.04%), the SDP (10.95%), Bridge (7.29%) and the independent list of Tomislav Mamic (6.13%).

In elections for the Rijeka City Council, the SDP-led coalition leads with 26.82%, ahead of the HDZ (15.59%), the independent list of Davor Stimac (12.47%), Bridge (10.62%), the PGS-Labour Party coalition (9.23%), the We Can!-New Left coalition (7.93%) and the Youth Action-Kvarner Union-Alternative coalition (5.78%).

In Osijek, the HDZ won 41.45% of votes for the City Council, followed by the Homeland Movement-Bridge coalition (17.24%), the SDP (16.06%), We Can! (6.94%), the Power of Slavonia and Baranja (6.58%), and the HNS-HSS-Reformists coalition (5.47%).


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