Spanish PM: Mistake with Zagreb drone crash threatens all Allies

NEWS 16.03.2022 18:34
Source: AFP, Ilustracija

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said on Wednesday the EU and NATO must learn something from the "mistake" concerning last week's crash of an unmanned aerial vehicle in Zagreb because "we are faced with a war."

“We must learn something about that potential risk and mistake because we are faced with a war. That’s a serious threat to all Allies. That could have happened in Madrid, so we must closely follow these situations,” he told the press in Madrid after meeting with Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic.

“It’s important that an investigation is carried out,” Sánchez said, expressing solidarity with Croatia.

He and Plenkovic met at Moncloa Palace, the seat of the Spanish government in north Madrid, six days after a drone arriving from Ukraine’s direction crashed in a residential area of Zagreb.

Before the meeting, Plenkovic visited NATO’s base at Torrejón de Ardoz, 20 km from Madrid, after which he said it was being investigated if the crash was an incident, sabotage or intentional.

Among other things, the two prime ministers discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Nobody wants this war. Except one person. We have nothing against the Russians, but we do against the Putin regime,” said Sánchez, who earlier today in parliament defended the need to send more weapons to the Ukrainian army.

“It’s essential that we continue to send humanitarian and military aid. The unity between EU countries within NATO is key. Putin underestimated the response of the people of Ukraine and the large number of EU and NATO countries,” Sánchez told the press.

He said the sanctions against Russia would last until it “withdraws its forces from Ukraine.”

According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to weaken the EU, so he called on all 27 member states to “show European patriotism.”

“It’s important that we unreservedly condemn Putin’s invasion of the independent state of Ukraine. We need unity in support to and solidarity with Ukraine and in the economic sanctions against Putin and his regime,” Sánchez said, adding that “the democratic Europe feels the danger” of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


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