Slovenia’s population inches up to 2.1 million in 2021

NEWS 30.04.2021 14:53
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Source: Unsplash / ilustracija

On 1 January 2021 Slovenia's population stood at 2,108,977, or 0.6 up from 2,095,861 a year ago, the national statistics bureau reported on Friday. They added that 8 percent of the population are foreign nationals with permanent or temporary residency.

About 51.1 percent of the population are men. There has been a constant decrease in the share of women in the population for some years now, and the gender imbalance is even larger among foreign nationals – which includes a lot of working immigrants – as more than two thirds of people in that group are men.

Overall, the number of foreign nationals living in Slovenia has increased by 12,300 in 2020, significantly down from 2019 when 18,200 foreigners had settled in Slovenia, the statistics bureau said.


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