Slovenia willing to receive up to five EU staff members from Afghanistan

NEWS 18.08.2021 15:14
anže logar, slovenija

Slovenia does not intend to receive refugees from Afghanistan, except for a maximum of five Afghan nationals who worked with the EU staff, Slovenian Foreign Minister Anze Logar said on Wednesday.

European foreign ministers agreed at a meeting on Tuesday that member states should urgently provide assistance to those who had worked as translators for the European diplomatic service or as logistic support providers, as well as their family members, because they now faced “a death sentence” in Afghanistan.

We will show solidarity by accepting EU staff, and we will not offer anything else in that regard for now, Logar told reporters in Brussels.

As for other possible refugees, such as reporters or activists from NGOs who could also be at risk, Slovenia currently does not share the intentions of some other European countries, which have had a longer presence in Afghanistan and have first-hand knowledge of the circumstances, he added.

At the meeting, European ministers agreed that the burden of possible migration waves from that country should be taken over by Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries so that Europe would not experience a migration wave like the one in 2015 and 2016.


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