Slovenia: Golob formally named PM-designate

NEWS 23.05.2022 21:22
Source: Jure Makovec / AFP

Slovenia's President Borut Pahor on Monday proposed to Parliament to endorse Robert Golob as prime minister-designate of the new Slovenian government and lawmakers are expected to vote on that topic on Wednesday.

After he conducted consultations with the leaders of the five parliamentary groups in the new legislature, Pahor identified that a coalition of three parties, that is 53 elected MPs, support Golob in the 90-seat Drzavni Zbor.

Addressing the media, Golob said that he expects lawmakers to uphold Pahor’s recommendation on Wednesday already and that he wants to form the new government in the shortest time possible.

“We have managed to form a firm and stable coalition and the main reason for that is that we want to hurry up and start working this summer. The first priority will be to deal with the issue of energy price hikes and be prepared for a possible new wave of the Covid-19 epidemic,” Golob said.

“We will not allow a gap among citizens to be further widened and will insist on that in the public discourse. I want to be a prime minister who will not divide voters” he added.

Golob’s party formed a coalition with the Social Democrats (SD) led by Tanja Fajon and the Left (L) led by Luka Mesec and will have 53 seats in the parliament. The government could gain the support of two minority MPs too.

After his appointment is confirmed in the parliament Golob will have two weeks to send a list of ministers for approval to the parliament and then to the competent parliamentary committees. The appointment of ministerial nominees needs to be confirmed by a majority vote in the parliament.

Fajon and Mesec will be appointed as deputy prime ministers.

Fajon will be nominated for the country’s foreign minister while Mesec could head the Ministry for a Future of Solidarity that will be responsible for housing, youth and social issues. The outgoing government however has blocked the bill on the new government which would supposedly have 20 ministries, three more than now.


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