Slovenia calls for tougher EU sanctions against Russia

NEWS 21.03.2022 17:31
anže logar, slovenija

Slovenia's Foreign Minister, Anze Logar, called on Monday for tighter sanctions against Russia, suggesting a complete ban on Russian energy imports in the European Union.

“Russia keeps attacking Ukraine, and we will have to make a resolute response to that on the economic front and ramp up the sanctions. We should close the ports, ban energy imports, and clearly support the future of Ukraine in the European Union,” Logar said before the start of the EU General Affairs Council meeting in Brussels today.

The main topic on the agenda of the meeting is the developments related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Slovenia’s Prime Minister, Janez Jansa, had joined his Polish and Czech counterparts in a visit to Kyiv last week to meet with Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky.


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