Skoro: We have achieved our goals, we’ll stop the left

NEWS 17.05.2021 09:15
Source: N1

The right-wing DP party's candidate for Zagreb mayor, singer-turned-politician Miroslav Skoro, won 12.1 percent votes in the Sunday local elections and is set to go into the runoffs with the green-left candidate Tomislav Tomasevic, who is going into the second round with a massive advantage, having won 45.1 percent votes on Sunday.

Skoro said on Sunday night the party had achieved its goals and that they would stop and “unmask” the green-left coalition trying to conquer Zagreb, calling it “extremely leftist.”

“That is not the future of our country, of Zagreb, of our children,” said Skoro, adding he was confident that he would “show in the runoff that there was enough sense and intelligence so that we can unmask in a well-argued debate what is called the green-left coalition.”

“That’s neither green nor left wing. That’s first and foremost extremely left wing and it will be stopped in the runoff,” he said.

Despite the big job ahead, Skoro said he was sure that Zagreb will have a new mayor in two weeks who was not from any green or left coalition but a person who would continue the city’s tradition and all that contemporary democracy was in the current world.

He said that in just one year of its existence, the DP party had achieved enormous results, leaving behind the two major parties, the HDZ and the SDP, in many municipalities and cities, including in Zagreb.


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