Sarajevo bids farewell to iconic singer Djordje Balasevic

NEWS 19.02.2021 22:24
Source: N1

The citizens of Sarajevo have gathered spontaneously Friday night at the Skenderija hall plateau in the centre of the city, where late Djordje Balasevic held many concerts. In silence, with tears and with his song “Kad odem” (When I leave), they lit the candles and paid tribute to one of the greatest singer-songwriters of the former Yugoslavia, who passed away Friday, at the age of 67.

People from all over the region are gathering and paying their respects to Balasevic, while thousands came in front of his house in Novi Sad, where they said they would never forget him, while playing his songs.

Social networks are flooded with his photos, statements and songs, which speaks to his greatness. He was a musician of all generations.

“They invited me to hold a reconciliation concert, and I thought I was coming from our side. I don’t like speaking ‘on behalf of all of us’ because once I said that phrase, it didn’t turn out well,” Djordje Balasevic explained in a recent interview with N1, recalling his 1998 concert in Sarajevo. announced that the popular musician had been treated at his home for symptoms of pneumonia for ten days.

Balasevic was a Yugoslav and Serbian singer-songwriter and poet. He was a member of bands Zetva and Rani mraz, and in 1982 he began his solo career. He released a total of 12 albums. He acted in several television series, for which he also wrote music.


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