Report: Croatia’s average salary inches up in March to reach €1,011

NEWS 20.05.2022 13:25
Source: Emica Elvedji/PIXSELL

The average net salary in Croatia in March 2022 was 7,607 kuna (€1,011), an increase of 6.6 percent in nominal terms from March 2021, state news agency Hina said on Friday, citing report from the state statistics bureau.

However, due to inflation, in real terms this was a drop of 0.7 percent over the same period. Compared with February 2022, the average pay increased by 2.1 percent in nominal terms and remained unchanged in real terms.

The median net salary in March 2022 was 6,352 kuna (€845). By industry, the highest average salary was in IT and communications (15,360 kuna, or €2,042) and the lowest in private security services (4,867 kuna or €647).

(€1 = 7.52 kuna)


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