President visits wildfire sites at Seget Gornji

NEWS 04.08.2021 12:57
zoran milanović
Source: Ured predsjednika RH

President Zoran Milanovic, accompanied by Chief Firefighting Commander Slavko Tucakovic, visited on Wednesday by helicopter locations devastated by wildfires at Seget Gornji, inland from the southern coastal town of Trogir, the President's Office said in a press release.

Before visiting the fire sites, Milanovic discussed the situation at wildfire locations at Seget Gornji and in Mirlovic in Sibenik-Knin County with local firefighting officials.

Firefighting representatives briefed the president about the efforts firefighters had made so far, and the assistance provided by the Croatian Army.

The president thanked the firemen and all those who helped put out the wildfires.


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