Police investigating death threat against Karlovac mayoral candidate

NEWS 18.05.2021 14:53
Source: Facebook

Davor Petracic, an independent candidate for the mayor of Karlovac backed by the Social Democratic Party (SDP), on Tuesday reported to the police that he had received a death threat. He has refused police protection, but said he hopes the perpetrator will be identified soon.

Petracic found a letter in his post box containing a bullet and a message saying “the real one will come through the barrel.”

“I don’t have anything against anyone, I defended this city in the (1991-95) war and will try to defend it once again,” Petracic said.

Police spokeswoman Andreja Lenart confirmed to the Croatian state news agency Hina that police had received Petracic’s report and were investigating.

The incident was condemned by Petracic’s political rival in the May 30 runoff, current mayor Damir Mandic of the ruling centre-right Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), as well as by the county branches of the SDP, HDZ, the DP party and Croatian Party of Rights (HSP).


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