Poles injured in bus crash mostly stable, two in critical condition

NEWS 07.08.2022 13:16
Source: N1

The passengers injured in the Polish bus crash on the A4 motorway in northern Croatia on Saturday morning, who were hospitalised in Varazdin, Cakovec and Zagreb are mainly in stable condition, Hina news agency learned from the Health Ministry on Sunday.

Eleven people have been admitted to Varazdin General Hospital. Two are still in critical condition, five are stable, and four have been released and are on their way back to Poland. Four of the patients have undergone surgery.

At Cakovec General Hospital, both patients are stable, and the one currently in intensive care will be moved to a ward on Monday.

In Zagreb, all six patients at Dubrava Clinical Hospital and six patients at KBC Zagreb are stable. At Draskovićeva Street Hospital, all the patients are stable, two have undergone surgeries on Saturday and two are scheduled for surgery on Sunday, the ministry said.

The accident occurred around 5.30 am on Saturday when the bus ran off the road and crashed with 44 people on aboard, including 42 passengers and two drivers. Twelve people were killed and 32 injured, including 19 seriously. The bus was en route to the Marian shrine of Međugorje, southern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The on-site investigation, led by a county deputy prosecutor in cooperation with the police, found that the driver had lost control of the steering wheel and skidded off the road. Post-mortems were ordered for those killed and blood alcohol tests for the drivers, the State Attorney’s Office (DORH) said on its website.


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