PM Plenkovic: We’ll defend Beros in parliament ‘if need be’

NEWS 19.04.2021 18:16
Source: N1

Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenkovic, said on Monday that the parliamentary majority would defend Health Minister Vili Beros if the opposition launches a vote of no confidence due to, as the opposition claims, "numerous problems and omissions in healthcare" state agency Hina reported on Friday.

After a meeting with the earthquake response team in Topusko on Monday, Plenkovic addressed the press and said that the opposition’s motion will not succeed.

“We, naturally, and the entire parliamentary majority will defend that, and the health reform isn’t something that is done overnight. It is done seriously and it will be done and it has nothing to do with the local election,” said Plenkovic.

Asked whether there was anything in Beros’ work that he wasn’t satisfied with, Plenković said that he spoke with Minister Beros and Finance Minister Zdravko Maric on Saturday morning about a meeting of the parliamentary health committee which later “was given a spin.”

“The three of us had a very open and serious talk where they explained what had happened there, because I didn’t have time to watch the debate which, naturally, was organized by the SDP (Social Democratic Party) not because they like Zdravko (Maric) and Vili (Beros) but because they want to create a problem,” said Plenkovic, adding that the idea of a no -confidence vote is the “continuation of shameless accusations” by SDP’s leader.

Hina wrote that reporters were referring to Plenkovic’s earlier statement that Beros “would have to explain everything that was not clear regarding the online vaccination registration platform,” noting that he spoke like that before he dismissed other ministers, including Beros’ predecessor, to which Plenkovic did not reply directly but said that a year ago “they joked that coronavirus didn’t exist.”

3.1 million doses of vaccines by 30 June

Referring to inoculation, Plenkovic announced that by 30 June, Croatia will have about 3.1 million doses of vaccines because Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca have announced deliveries.

“In context of the fact that we have two and half months, we need to intensify inoculation. It is the task of the health minister, the HZJZ (Croatian Public Health Institute) and anyone else who is included to vaccinate as many people as possible,” he said.

If people wish to be vaccinated, we can certainly inoculate over 50 percent of the population with the first dose, while the second dose will go in stages, he said and recalled that the poor percentage of inoculation was the consequence of reduced deliveries of the AstraZeneca vaccine.


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