Passengers in transit through Slovenia need COVID certificate as of 23 Aug

NEWS 14.08.2021 13:34
Source: Pixabay / Ilustracija

Slovenia's government has decided that as of 23 August, passengers in transit through that country will also be required to produce COVID certificates proving vaccination, recovery, or a recent negative test to coronavirus.

“As of 23 August, transit will no longer be possible without meeting the recovered-vaccinated-tested rule (PCT) rule,” said the Janez Jansa cabinet after it made this decision on Friday evening.

Currently, passengers in transit no longer than 12 hours are not required to meet the PCT rule.

The exemption from the new rule will be applied to persons under 15, owners of properties in border areas, and cross-border commuters as well as to employees in international transport.

Another new anti-COVID rule is that wearing protective masks is mandatory for attendees at indoor public and cultural events and in the event of outdoor events bringing together more than 100 people.


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