Parliamentary opposition: Budget revision is patch-up with no vision

NEWS 18.05.2022 21:11
Source: N1

The parliamentary opposition said on Wednesday that this year's budget revision was just "patching up budget holes", underlining the debts in healthcare, and criticised that the revision did not provide any new measures to cushion the impact of the inflation on citizens.

The budget revision is a result of external circumstances and poor planning at the end of last year, especially in healthcare, and while other EU countries are continuously adopting new measures to cushion the impact of the inflation we have no such measures, Pedja Grbin (SDP) said in a debate on the budget revision in parliament.

“It doesn’t provide for funds to fight the inflation or ensure the standard of citizens,” said Grbin.

“The budget revision is devoid of ideas and shows a lack of vision of the government. We will definitely need to have another one this year,” said Domagoj Hajdukovic (Social Democrats), adding that it is being adopted due to a lack of reforms,.

“It didn’t mitigate price increases, disruptions to supply chains, make the new situation easier for citizens. There is none of that, just patching up holes,” said Hajdukovic, warning of an additional blow to living standards due the planned introduction of the euro.

Zvonimir Troskot (Most party) asked whether the budget revision, which involved increases for nearly all items, except for education, would lead to a better life for citizens.

Marin Lerotic (IDS) warned that this year’s budget revision came much sooner than expected, which, he said, speaks of the current situation in the country.

Vladimir Bilek (National Minorities) said he thought the budget revision was necessary, reasonable and well-reasoned. He expressed strong support for the government in persisting in monitoring the use of funds and mitigating the crisis which is spilling over into our country from the world.


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