Parliament appoints Tomislav Coric as Central bank Vice-governor

NEWS 27.05.2022 17:07
Source: Zoran Pehar/ N1

The Croatian parliament on Friday appointed former economy minister Tomislav Coric as Vice-governor of the Croatian Central Bank (HNB) with 76 MPs voting in favour of the appointment and 41 opposed.

Coric was born in the southern Croatian town of Metkovic in 1979. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb and has a PhD in economics.

The Parliament appoints HNB vice-governors following a recommendation by the parliamentary Elections, Appointments and Administration Committee with an opinion from the Finance and Central Budget Committee.

The Vicegovernor is a member of the HNB Council, the highest body in the central bank which comprises eight members, the governor, deputy governors and six vice-governors.

HNB’s Governor is Boris Vujcic, his deputy is Sandra Svaljek, and HNB Vice-governors are Ivana Jakir-Bajo, Michael Faulend, Bojan Fras, Slavko Tesija and Roman Subic. Coric is filling the vacancy left after Martina Drvar returned to the European Central Bank.

HNB Council members are appointed for a period of six years. They have to be Croatian citizens and recognised for their reputation and professional experience in monetary, financial, banking and legal areas.


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