Over 8 million ‘impressions’ registered in Croatia’s campaign for digital nomads

NEWS 27.04.2021 18:21
turisti, turizam
Source: Unsplash/Ilustracija

As many as eight million impressions have been registered on the promotional campaign "Croatia, your new office!" in the first month since the Croatian National Tourism Board (HTZ) launched it with the aim of positioning Croatia as an attractive destination for digital nomads, the HTZ reported on Tuesday.

This advertising campaign “Croatia, your new office!” is being carried via the social networks Facebook and Twitter with a special focus on the markets of the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

As part of the campaign a special landing page “Croatia your new office” was created in English on the Croatia.hr website together with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, which contains all the important information related to the permit application process and stay of digital nomads in Croatia, the HTZ says.

Visitors of this web page are mainly interested in how to fulfill the requirements for digital nomads’ visa in Croatia and the most sought-after destinations are central Dalmatia, Istria, Dubrovnik and the capital city of Zagreb.


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