Opposition parties to meet and discuss no-confidence vote in Health Minister

NEWS 19.04.2021 14:43
Vili Beroš
Source: Goran Kovacic/PIXSELL

The main opposition party in the Croatian parliament, the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SDP), plans to talk with other opposition parties this week about a no-confidence vote in Health Minister Vili Beros due to the many problems in his department.

Speaking to state news agency Hina, SDP leader Pedja Grbin said there should be a vote of no-confidence ni Beros “because hospitals faced a shortage of drugs recently, if for no other reason.”

“The debt in healthcare has reached unbelievable levels,” Grbin said. “Beros claims he has prepared the healthcare reform and submitted it to (PM Andrej) Plenkovic, who said that wasn’t true, meaning one of them is clearly lying.”

He added he is not discouraged by the estimate that the ruling majority will most likely reject the no-confidence vote, saying that “our obligation to the people who gave us their trust is to react to such obscenities.”

MPs slam Minister Beros as responsible for lack of reforms

Right wing DP party whip, Stephen Bartulica, said his party had been critical of Beros’ performance for a long time.

“We’ll see in consultations with other opposition parties if we’ll ask for a no-confidence vote in Beros, but I think we have a number of reasons for putting that item on the agenda,” he said.

Rada Boric of the Green-Left Bloc said the minister’s responsibility should be discussed because of the complete failure to embark on a radical health reform.

Healthcare does not need surface but systematic reforms, as does social welfare, because all we have seen so far has been shifting the blame, she added.

“Problems in healthcare are not from yesterday, but in decent democratic countries, when one sees that the system has failed and that there have been suspect activities, it is the minister’s responsibility to resign,” Boric said.

Beros dismisses no-confidence vote talk as “electioneering”

Health Minister Beros said on Monday that Grbin’s announcement was part of electioneering and that the real question was how willing the opposition is to support changes in healthcare.

When Grbin and his party were in power, the problems in the health system did not diminish, but rather, they contributed to their current extent, he said. “Let’s change the system. Let’s implement the health reform, because after Beros there will be another Beros and the problems will be the same unless a national consensus on the health policy is reached.”

PM: We will support Beros

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Monday that the parliamentary majority would defend Beros if the opposition launches a vote of no confidence.

“We, naturally, and the entire parliamentary majority, will defend (him), and the health reform isn’t something that is done overnight. It has to be done seriously and it will be done,” said Plenkovic.


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