Online ‘appeal for social workers’ signed by 1,500 people

NEWS 01.10.2021 11:13
Source: Pixabay/ Ilustracija

An online appeal, entitled "Let professionals do their job without being exposed to pressure!", has been signed by more than 1,500 people, including psychologists, social workers and other experts working with children.

The appeal was aimed at “warning the competent authorities and public of the extremely negative and dangerous potential effects of the public lynching campaign” to which experts in the social protection system have been exposed to “over the past few years” and which has “recently escalated again,” the initiators of the appeal said.

“It causes irreparable damage not only to professionals but primarily to children and families, current and future users/patients, who are the most vulnerable group that deserves adequate professional help.”

“Do not let cases like the ones in Djakovo and Split happen again due to calls for lynching on social networks and in the media,” the signatories to the appeal said.

“Let us do our job and support us in cases of suspected violence against children instead of discouraging us through your actions or lack of them,” it is said in the appeal, which was launched by psychologists Andreja Bogdan, Gordana Kamenecki and Josip Lopizic, and social worker Stefica Karacic.


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