No current crisis more serious than climate crisis, says Danish ambassador

NEWS 19.05.2022 09:21
Source: N1

Climate change is the most serious crisis the world has been faced with, Danish Ambassador Ole Frijs-Madsen said on Wednesday ahead of the screening of the film "70/30" and the opening of the exhibition Green Together, which marks the 30th anniversary of Croatia-Denmark diplomatic relations.

Denmark has very ambitious climate goals, as evidenced by its climate law, which was adopted by the parliament in December 2019 and which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70% until 2030, the ambassador said.

That goal is the theme of the documentary “70/30” by Phie Ambo, on the process of negotiations between the Danish government, opposition and activist organizations.

We want to draw attention to the most serious of the many crises we are faced with today, including energy and food price crises. The average temperature in Greenland has risen three times more than in the rest of the world in the past decade, which shows how fast the ice is melting, the ambassador said before the screening of the documentary.

The head of the Northwest Croatia Regional Energy Agency and special presidential advisor on climate, Julije Domac, said that the 21st century challenges, such as climate change, could be dealt with only by joining forces.

Domac noted that Croatia, too, has to launch a green transition if it wants to be a rich and successful country.

“Denmark is not doing this because it is rich. Quite the contrary, it is rich because it thinks green and because it uses its own resources and energy sources,” he stressed.

The exhibition Green Together, to be staged at the Zagreb city government building on Thursday, features examples of Croatian and Danish green solutions.