NGO: Women in Croatia still fired for getting pregnant

NEWS 08.03.2021 13:08
Source: Pixabay

The two most common types of injustice facing women in Croatia today are Sunday working and discrimination against pregnant women on the labour market, said the conservative NGO In the Name of the Family on Monday, International Women's Day.

The NGO called on the government to take the necessary steps to ensure that Sunday was a free day for families and to prevent discrimination against pregnant women.

They said that thousands of women, notably those in the retail sector, were forced to work seven days a week while being paid poorly, or not at all, for work on Sundays or holidays.

As for the status of pregnant women and mothers of small children on the labor market, the NGO cited a survey, conducted in 2012, showing that  34 percent of women whose employment contracts were not extended cited pregnancy as the reason for cessation of employment, one in five were fired, and 15 percent were transferred to a lower-pay job.


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