MP Mrak-Taritas calls for lower VAT rate for tampons and pads, again

NEWS 19.05.2022 14:30
Source: N1

Dissatisfied with the government's having reduced VAT on period products to 13%, GLAS party leader Anka Mrak-Taritas announced on Thursday that she would again submit to the parliament a proposal to reduce VAT on period products to 5%.

Speaking at a news conference, she said that six months had passed since a parliamentary discussion on the need to reduce VAT on period products from 25 to 5%, but that the ruling majority turned her proposal down, deciding, “following developments in Europe and globally”, to reduce the VAT rate to 13%.

She added that she would not give up on her proposal, describing value added tax on period products as an unjust tax.

Mrak-Taritas recalled that at the time when VAT on period products was reduced to 13%, the ruling majority had been aware that her proposal should have been adopted, which was why it concluded that in six months’ time an analysis of the problem of menstrual poverty should be made and steps taken to remove it.

“Six months have passed and there is still no analysis,” she said, calling on Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković to submit it.


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