More than 2,000 mobile homes and containers set up in quake-affected areas

NEWS 06.05.2021 13:13
Source: N1

Deputy Prime Minister Tomo Medved, who is at the helm of the task force for dealing with the aftermath of the the 29 December quake, said on Thursday that so far 2,055 mobile homes and housing containers had been set up in the earthquake-struck Sisak-Moslavina County.

Medved informed the cabinet that at the end of last week two more container settlements were opened in Sisak and Petrinja. A total of 2,285 mobile units have been connected to the electricity grid which cost the state budget 53.8 million kuna.

Seven GSM base stations have been set up as well so that the area can have better mobile phone coverage. More than 100 million kuna has been invested in repairs to roads and bridges that were damaged by the recent earthquakes.

A total of 1,040 tonnes of food have been distributed and more than 650,000 hot meals.

Medved announced that maximum effort would be invested so that chimneys, gable walls and roofs can be repaired during the spring and summer, adding that there are about 20,000 buildings in that category.

To date 155 wells have been cleared and put back into use.

(€1 = 7.56 kuna)


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