Montenegro’s PM signs controversial agreement with Serbian Orthodox Church


The so-called fundamental agreement between the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) and Montenegro has been signed, the government of Montenegro said on Wednesday.

The Podgorica daily Vijesti reported earlier that head of the SPC, Patriarch Porfirije, arrived in Montenegro, and that the agreement would be signed at Villa Gorica, a building in the capital of Podgorica.

The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), which formally supports the government of PM Dritan Abazovic, announced they would launch a vote of no confidence in Parliament.

“The initiative is open to all those who believe that the government’s attitude towards Montenegro’s national interests is irresponsible,” DPS tweeted.

In last week’s exclusive interview with N1 television, DPS leader Milo Djukanovic said that the government would fall if Abazovic signs the fundamental agreement with SPC.

Its opponents say that the document formally cedes ownership of church property in Montenegro to the SPC, that it giver preferential treatment to SPC compared to other religious communities, and that it is illegal under Montenegro’s laws.


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