Minister: Croatia and UK committed to preparation for future security challenges

NEWS 17.03.2022 17:27
Source: N1 / Ivan Hrstić

The Croatian government on Thursday adopted a conclusion whereby it took note of an international act on the strategic partnership between the Croatian and UK ministries of defence, with Minister Mario Banozic saying it was part of joint preparations for future defence and security challenges.

Under the Act on the Conclusion and Implementation of International Treaties, the act signed in Zagreb on 1 February during a visit by the UK defence secretary was submitted to the Croatian government, the Defence Ministry said in a press release.

Minister Banozic said that the obligation of strategic partnership reflects Croatia’s commitment to the defence and security partnership in support of a stronger Alliance and common interests and values.

“The document confirms the joint commitment to ensuring further equipment to respond to future defence and security challenges. Through the programme of bilateral action, we will continue to promote the interoperability of the Armed Forces and achieve defence and security objectives and a common vision of stronger strategic cooperation,” said Banozic.

“As allies, we will additionally strengthen interoperability by implementing joint training and exercises, both bilaterally and within NATO,” the minister said.