Medical Chamber: We regret Lauc is still member of government Scientific Council

NEWS 24.09.2021 22:15
Source: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL

The Croatian Medical Chamber (HLK) on Friday expressed regret that molecular biologist Gordan Lauc was still a member of the government's Scientific Council advising it on COVID-19, after in July it called on Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic to replace him.

The HLK said that in his public statements Lauc had persistently made claims underestimating the danger of COVID-19 and questioning the need for a high vaccination rate.

“Unprofessional public interpretation of a specific medical problem, which is what Prof. Lauc has been systematically doing, disregarding scientifically proven facts, causes confusion and ambiguities in the public sphere. His statements are often destructive to the interests of public health in Croatia and undermine efforts to achieve the common goal of ending the pandemic,” the HLK said, noting that by replacing Lauc the government would not only distance itself from his actions but condemn them and that Lauc would no longer have the legitimacy he now has as a member of its team of scientific advisors.

The HLK also distanced itself from unscientific views of individual physicians who have been making public statements, stressing that with their irresponsible and incorrect statements and interpretations they encourage anti-vaccination rhetoric and incite fear and doubts among some of the citizens regarding vaccination.


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