Mayors of four county capitals win another four-year term in first round

NEWS 17.05.2021 10:31
Source: Marko Dimic/PIXSELL/ Ilustracija

The mayors of four county capitals secured another four-year term already in the first round of Sunday's local elections, while 11 incumbents will try to win another term in office in the 30 May runoff, according to data released by the Electoral Commission.

Zoran Gregurovic of the ruling centre-right Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) will remain the mayor of the town of Krapina after receiving 59.56% of votes, and the HDZ’s Ivica Kirin will remain in the mayoral seat in Virovitica, capturing 51.53% of votes in the first round.

The centre-left Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) Misel Jaksic will continue as the mayor of Koprivnica after winning 59.17% of votes on Sunday.

Bjelovar is also the town that will be led over the next four years by the incumbent mayor, Dario Hrebak of the Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS), who took a convincing 66.86% of votes in the first round.

In Velika Gorica, the largest town in Zagreb County, the incumbent Kresimir Ackar, backed by the HDZ-led coalition, received 50.1% of votes and will stay in office for another four years.

The HDZ will also have a mayor in Pozega, where Zeljko Glavic won 51.13% of votes.

11 incumbent mayors seek another term in runoff

In Vukovar, the present mayor Ivan Penava (Independent List) won 43.8% of votes and will face the HDZ’s Nikola Mazar, who received 24.81%, in the 30 May runoff.

The incumbent HDZ mayor of Sibenik, Zeljko Buric (46.63%), will go to the runoff with the SDP’s Tonci Restovic (18.94%), as will the HDZ’s mayor of Zadar, Branko Dukic (38.47%), and the SDP’s Marko Vucetic (26.32%).

Two weeks from now, Dubrovnik will choose its mayor between the HDZ’s incumbent Mate Frankovic (36.87%) and his challenger Pero Vican of the Dubrovnik Democratic Assembly (DDS), who won 13.54% of votes in the first round.

The HDZ’s Damir Mandic (47.79%) will seek another term as mayor of Karlovac in a faceoff with the SDP’s Davor Petracic (33.35%), and in Sisak, the incumbent Kristina Ikic-Banicek of the SDP (39.55%) will compete against the HDZ’s Zeljka Josic (33.61%).


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