Man who took Al-Jazeera reporter’s microphone during live broadcast arrested

NEWS 29.11.2021 19:36
prosvjed u zagrebu protiv covid potvrda
Source: Marko Prpic / PIXSELL / Ilustracija

Zagreb police have arrested a man who took an Al-Jazeera reporter's microphone as she was reporting live from a recent protest against Covid certificates in Zagreb, and they filed a criminal report against him for "using force against a person doing work which is of public interest."

Zagreb police officers have completed a criminal investigation into a 33-year-old man suspected of using force against a person doing public interest work or working in public service, the Zagreb Police Administration said on Monday.

Police have established the identity of the man who on 20 November, about 6 p.m., took the microphone from Al-Jazeera Balkans reporter Nikolina Zavisic during a live broadcast from the protest against CovidD certificates in the main city square.

Police today arrested the man and filed a criminal report against him with the competent state attorney’s office.


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