Infections in Slovenia rising again, 632 new cases, three deaths

NEWS 17.10.2021 15:55
Source: JURE MAKOVEC / AFP / Ilustracija

A total of 632 coronavirus infections and three related fatalities have been registered in Slovenia in the last 24 hours, with 27.8% of 2,274 tests returning positive, the Slovenian government said on Sunday, with the health authorities warning that the epidemiological situation is worsening again.

The head of the National Institute for Public Health, Milan Krek, said that the daily number of new infections was growing again and that it was expected to continue growing, as was the pressure on the hospital system.

“If this trend continues, the country will again be facing lockdown,” Krek said, calling for compliance with epidemiological restrictions, including the wearing of face masks, and pointing to the large number of infections in public transport as the biggest risk.

Nonetheless, no additional epidemiological restrictions are envisaged for the time being.
The seven-day average of infections in a single day has increased to 953 and the 14-day incidence to 582 cases.

A total of 411 COVID-19 patients are currently being treated in hospitals, including 122 who are in intensive care units.

The government has said that 50.5% of the total population has been vaccinated so far.


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