Industrial producer prices in August up 22.6 pct year-on-year

NEWS 09.09.2022 11:12
Source: Morgue File

"In August 2022, industrial producer prices jumped 22.6 percent year-on-year, increasing for the 18th month in a row year on year, although less than in July," said Croatian state news agency Hina on Friday, citing latest report published by the state statistics bureau on their website.

Producer prices began rising in March 2021 (+3.5 percent). In March this year, they increased 19.5 percent, followed by 21.9 percent in April, 23.7 percent in May, a record-high 24 percent in June, and 23.6 percent in July.

The rise in producer prices was affected in large part by energy prices. If energy is excluded from industrial producer prices, this August they were 0.5 percent higher on the month and 10.3 percent on the year.

On the foreign market, industrial producer prices in August were down 0.6 percent on the month, but up 13.2 percent on the year. On the domestic market, they were up 0.5 percent on the month and 30.5 percent year-on-year.

Year on year on the domestic market,  August saw the highest increase in energy prices (+84 percent), followed by non-durable consumer products (+12.2 percent), durable consumer products (+11.2 percent), intermediate products (+11.1 percent) and capital products (+6.3 percent).

Month-on-month, energy prices fell 0.1 percent, while all other industry groups saw increases – capital products by 1 percent, non-durable consumer products by 0.9 percent, intermediate products by 0.3 percent and durable consumer products by 0.2 percent.


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