HVZ sends equipment worth €53,000 to Ukrainian firefighters

NEWS 17.03.2022 22:28
požar, vatrogasac, vatrogasci
Source: Photo by Nejc Soklič on Unsplash / ilustracija

The Croatian Firefighting Association (HVZ) sent equipment worth HRK 400,000 as emergency aid to its colleagues in Ukraine, including fire helmets, protective suits, sleeping bags, water pumps, chainsaws, flashlights and backpacks.

The HVZ and its commander Slavko Tucaković on Thursday expressed support to firefighters in Ukraine, their colleagues who extinguish missile-hit facilities and help evacuate civilians, exposing themselves to danger.

The HVZ said that in addition to the army and other emergency services, firefighters were also on the first line of defence, and in addition to extinguishing fires on buildings struck by missiles, they search for people buried under the rubble and help evacuate them.

According to Ukrainian sources, 12 firefighters have lost their lives to date, and about 30 have been injured.


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