HUP: €4.6m in donations, €180k for hospitals, school and kindergarten

NEWS 12.01.2021 18:00
Source: N1

The Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) said on Tuesday that it had sent HRK 35 million in direct donations collected from its members and an additional HRK 1.35 million for the reconstruction of the Sisak General Hospital, the Glina Primary School and the Petrinjcica Kindergarten.

HUP recalled in a press release that it had launched a fund-raising campaign to help Sisak, Petrinja, Glina and surrounding areas damaged by 29 December magnitude 6.2 quake.

“Numerous companies that are HUP members, have involved themselves actively and so far they have collected more than HRK 1.35 million in donations from HUP members and more than HRK 35 million has been donated directly in money, building material, or goods and services for the quake-wrecked areas,” HUP said in the press release.

HUP also stressed that 50% of the funds collected will be earmarked for the reconstruction of Sisak General Hospital, 25% for the reconstruction of the Glina Primary School and 25% for the Petrinjcica Kindergarten in Petrinja.

HUP Director Damir Zorić will present beneficiaries with donations today in Sisak.

Zorić underlined that these areas were fairly poor before the earthquake and any aid was welcome regardless of the natural disaster that had hit it.

HUP thanked all its members as well as other entrepreneurs and individuals who have shown exceptional humanity and unselfishness at a time when the very economy is threatened by a huge economic crisis.

HUP added that it had sent a request to European employer associations to also help with their contributions.


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