HUP: Benefits for workers in quake-hit areas made tax-free

NEWS 05.01.2021 12:20
Source: N1

The Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) said on Tuesday that as of yesterday benefits for workers in the quake-hit areas were tax-free, which means that the request sent by HUP to the government at the end of December has been accepted.

On 30 December, HUP sent a letter to the government requesting, among other things, a temporary exemption from income tax and tax on contributions for benefits that employers want to give workers affected by the December 2020 earthquake.

As of yesterday that has been made possible, from the moment the government declared a disaster for quake-hit areas, whereby HUP’s request was approved, HUP said in the press release.

Therefore, as of Monday, employers can pay tax-free benefits to workers whose property has been destroyed or damaged by the earthquake, HUP said.


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