Horvat: Over 500 workers involved in post-earthquake reconstruction

NEWS 03.08.2021 19:20
Source: N1

Over 500 workers from about 40 companies are currently involved in the reconstruction of areas affected by last year's earthquakes, and construction companies from neighbouring countries will be hired only after the domestic potential has been fully utilised. 

This statement was made by the Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets, Darko Horvat, during his visit to the northern city of Varazdin on Tuesday.

Horvat said that the post-earthquake reconstruction process was accelerating.

“A second major tender was concluded a few days ago. The first one was for 1,500 houses and the second one was also for 1,500 houses. Right now over 500 workers from about 40 companies are involved in the reconstruction process. The pace and volume of work will increase from week to week as new tenders are prepared,” Horvat said.

“These 500 workers will not be enough for a much greater volume  of construction operations, but there will be no international tenders until we have fully utilised the domestic potential,” he said, adding that unresolved property issues were among the biggest problems.


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