Health minister: Government ‘wants to settle’ the ballooning drug debt

NEWS 06.04.2021 17:25
Source: N1

Health Minister, Vili Beros, said on Tuesday that today's meeting with drug suppliers "was a clear sign that the government wanted to solve the debt problem," while Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said additional payments might be made so that drug supply could run smoothly.

“Today’s meeting is a clear signal that we wish to solve this problem through joint effort. The meeting was constructive and Minister Maric left open the possibility of additional funds to make sure that drug wholesalers supply the health system regularly,” Beros told the press, reiterating that increasing health care salary tax was not considered.

“The meeting focused on short-term solutions and the debt repayment schedule, but the government is discussing healthcare reforms that will lead to long-term solutions,” Beros said.

“We presented to drug wholesalers our determination to embark on reforms and our willingness to settle the debt,” he said, but added that the Croatian Health Insurance Fund had to redirect 2.5 billion kuna (€330 million) for the treatment of Covid-19 patients instead of regular healthcare.

“This government will do everything so that not one citizen remains without the medicines they need. Last week we found a way through direct payment for medicines necessary for life-threatening conditions, including for cancer patients.”

(€1 = 7.57 kuna)


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