Health minister attends anti-cancer drive

NEWS 24.05.2022 18:36
Source: N1

Health Minister, Vili Beros, said on Tuesday, on the occasion of European Week Against Cancer, that the Action Plan for fighting cancer was a continuation of concrete steps forward for better treatment outcomes.

Taking part with numerous citizens in a public health drive called “12 minutes of mobility against cancer,” Beros mentioned the high mortality rates for non-infections chronic conditions such as cancer.

“We must not be passive. We must all take action together by strengthening healthy habits, prevention and health literacy.”

The drive, organized by the Croatian League Against Cancer, was aimed at highlighting the importance of cancer prevention and early detection as well as of politically prioritising cancer in the interest of every citizen, notably in the post-COVID period.

Beros said the government adopted a national strategic framework against cancer in 2020 and that an action plan against cancer was being prepared for the next three years.

He said Croatia was the first in Europe, during the pandemic, to set up a national lung cancer early detection program and that it was looking into the possibility of a similar program for melanoma.


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