HDZ nominates Robert Sveb for new director-general of state broadcaster HRT

NEWS 12.10.2021 16:28
Source: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL

"The parliamentary Committee on Information and Media on Tuesday unanimously nominated Robert Sveb for director-general of the state broadcaster HRT, upon recommendation by the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)," state agency Hina said on Tuesday.

Sveb had been editor-in-chief of the state television’s programming briefly in 2008, resigning after only eight months in office after HRT had failed to send an offer to secure the rights to air the 2009 World Men’s Handball Championship. The event, which was hosted by Croatia, was eventually broadcast by rival network RTL Croatia.

Sveb’s nomination was sent to the Parliament, and in order to be appointed, Sveb must receive a majority vote by MPs.

“Seven committee members voted for Sveb’s nomination, whereas opposition MPs staged a walk-out from the meeting,” Hina said, without disclosing how many members the committee has in total, or clarifying why opposition MPs had walked out of the meeting.

HRT’s director-general is appointed by Parliament to serve a five-year term. The previous director-general, Kazimir Bacic, who held that post since February 2017, was arrested in a corruption probe in June this year, and was formally sacked by Parliament in July.

“According to the committee’s chairwoman, Natalija Martincevic, the vote on Sveb’s appointment could be held in parliament this Friday,” Hina added.


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