HDZ mayoral candidate in Zagreb says fighting corruption is his top priority

NEWS 28.04.2021 20:09
Source: Tomislav Miletic/PIXSELL

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) mayoral candidate in Zagreb, Davor Filipovic, on Wednesday presented his election agenda, saying that his top priority was fighting corruption.

“We are going to introduce the ISO 37001 anti-corruption standard, following the model set by the City of Prague, and it refers to the corporate responsibility, control mechanisms, and action plans when there is suspicion of cases of corruption in the City of Zagreb or in any city institutions,” said Filipovic, pledging to create an anti-corruption atmosphere in the capital city.

He also said that one of the priorities would be the fast and efficient post-quake reconstruction of the city, adding that €683.7 million is available for this purpose through the EU Solidarity Fund.

The HDZ mayoral candidate promised free-of-charge services in pre-school day-care institutions for all the children in the city.

Filipovic also promised that the Jakusevac waste landfill would be closed and that a new centre for waste management would be constructed.

Filipovic’s agenda also envisages the establishment of a 1991-95 War Museum and a centre for war veterans in the city, as well as modernisation of public transport vehicles, the construction of the Lake Jarun bridge, and a new stadium in Maksimir.


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