Grlic-Radman slams Bundestag’s draft resolution on Bosnia

NEWS 07.06.2022 20:04
Source: Bernd von Jutrczenka / POOL / AFP, Ilustracija

Foreign and European Affairs Minister, Gordan Grlic, said on Tuesday that the draft resolution on Bosnia and Herzegovina prepared by MPs of Germany's ruling coalition "isn't sending good messages."

Last week, the proposal for the resolution made by MPs of the ruling traffic light coalition was sent to parliament, Bundestag, and it should be adopted this or next month.

The resolution supports BiH’s European path, while leading Serbian official Milorad Dodik, as well as Croatian Dragan Covic, are accused of endangering the country’s sovereignty, blockades and divisions.

Grlic-Radman pointed out that the draft resolution had not been supported by the entire Bundestag but only “one fraction” and that “a strong Bosniak lobby” could be seen, since there were MPs of Bosniak origin in that body.

“This does not lead to peace, stability, nor does it send good messages, especially to the countries of the Western Balkans,” the minister said, stressing that a stable Bosnia and Herzegovina was also in Germany’s interest.

Grlic-Radman said that he and Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic “had a really good conversation” last week with German chancellor Olaf Schulz and that they “spoke for a very long time about Bosnia and Herzegovina and the multinational nature of that state. He underscored that Croatia still knew its neighboring country the best and that it was the biggest advocate of its EU integration.

Talking about Marinko Cavara, the president of BiH’s Federation entity on whom the U.S. imposed sanctions, the minister said that he was “an honorable, politically responsible man” who loved his homeland and advocated honoring the Dayton-Paris agreement.


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