German troops arriving in Bosnia to reinforce EU military mission

NEWS 08.08.2022 09:34

EU military mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina announced on Monday the deployment of a German military contingent to the mission, which will bring the total number nations contributing soldiers to EUFOR to twenty.

“This contingent will deploy on a phased basis commencing in mid-August. The number of personnel to deploy will be up to a maximum of 50. These new EUFOR personnel will provide additional capacity in EUFOR HQ and for EUFOR’s network of Liaison and Observation Team (LOT) Houses which are located on an impartial basis all over Bosnia and Herzegovina,” according to the statement.

It was explained that the LOT Houses are EUFOR’s link to local communities and authorities, and provide an opportunity for the Bosnians to maintain the contact with EUFOR.

German authorities agreed mid-June to redeploy its soldiers to Bosnia and Herzegovina, ten years after the Bundeswehr ceased participation in the EUFOR Althea mission.

Germany’s decision was welcomed by international peace envoy in Bosnia, High Representative Christian Schmidt.

The EUFOR mission has been recently reinforced by 500 more troops as what they called a “precautionary measure” to strengthen stability in BiH.”


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